The Beauty of Decay

The puppets were displayed in an installation in museums, galleries, theaters and other places around the world, not to conserve them, but exactly the opposite: to let them decay under different circumstances, unprotected by the elements, that vary from an extreme cold, wet, or hot and freezing climate.

Five scenes in five places:

The project started in 2011 with the placement of the first puppets in the Netherlands. In most places, the scenes remained for at least three years. During and after the process, the documentations and all remnants are collected and everything comes together in (the final installation) the project: The Last Scene


Goldwell Open Air Museum, Nevada USA where visitors made selfies to send them to us.













In Seattle the puppets were placed outside a typical American private house with a porch and small garden.


The actor/writer who lives there with his family worked on a photo document of the process:

'The Harlot and the Policemen'












In Spain the puppets were installed in the open air space between two walls of the museum, divided from the public by a glass window. No green, only pigeons and gravel (Although a small tree started to grow there the 2nd year!). Every week a 'still' was made, to follow the process of change.

2013 06 04 11

In the Netherlands the puppets were displayed in the 'polders' near the Markermeer, where the strong winds and rain have a lot of influence on the environment. 

Han foto jongetje

See here an example of the documentation that is already finished: Silent Secrets


In London they were placed on the roof of the Unicorn Theatre with a view on The Shard. There  was a connection with a screen in the theatre for the audiece to what was happening up there. .


On the roof of the Unicorn Theatre, London

See The Last Scène here!