The final installation of The Beauty of Decay was presented as

The Last Scène

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in collaboration with Festival Karavaan, extraordinary theatre on location

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After two years of delay due to corona, the final installation was presented. In collaboration with Festival De Karavaan The Last Scène was presented in Warder.


UPDATE: We will publish an online book of the selfies from Nevada this spring

and a registration of the Last Scène. Please check the website for news about this later.



Voorkant catalogus


Download the booklet here for free

In the exhibition hall on the 2nd floor of this beautiful museum we made an installation with images, movement, video, sound and music. You could step into the Magical World of Speeltheater Holland and see within 15 minutes 6 short stories with puppets from the following performances: Glittra's Mission, Stellaluna, Riquet with the Tuft, Perô or the Mysteries of the Night, Nicky Somewhere Else and Nils Holgersson.

Entrance Exbition Hall

Entrance main hall

On the 1t floor you could see more puppets (Amerika America, etc.), objects, and more videos 


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